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Dr. Brenda D. Pittman, CEO 

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                Biography of Dr. Brenda D, Pittman, CAMF 

     Dr. Pittman has attended seminary for a total of nine years, graduated from Eagle Bible Institute, Brooklyn, NY summa cum laude and has earned her Bachelor’s in Christian Education, her Masters in Divinity and a Doctorate, with a double major, one in the Parousia (The Second Coming of Jesus) and the other in Christian Psychology. In June 2010, Dr. Pittman resigned from UMDNJ where she was stationed at Northern State Prison, Newark, NJ and prior to that worked 10 years at the Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center, Avenel, NJ before transferring to Northern State Prison in Newark.   On June 4, 2010, Dr. Pittman’s 45 birthday she resigned from UMDNJ to pursue the work of the ministry. 


     As the result of the arrest and imprisonment of her oldest son, Dr. Brenda Pittman is now the Founder and President of Prison Mother’s Prayer Ministry, PM'PM, a nonprofit, 501(c) 3 org. which serves as a support group for mothers, grandmothers, wives and the siblings of those incarcerated. Her goal is to open local support groups in every county in New Jersey, every state in the USA and 50 countries.  She wants every mother who needs us to be able to find a local support group of people who knows exactly what she is going through.  She is the Editor and Chief of PM'PM's Magazine, Night Night News, geared towards those affected by imprisonment and their families.  She is also the Chairperson for PM'PM's annual T.A.P. Luncheon (Touch and Agree in Prayer) held on the second Saturday in December.


Dr. Pittman had been a columnist for The Christian Observer for six years where her articles were read monthly.  Dr. Pittman is an anger management facilitator certified by Anderson & Anderson Psychological Services and Conover University.  For 13 weeks, she produced a radio program called, “Know Anger to Manage” which aired on 1070am Harvest Radio.  She has spoken at Essex County College, for the Father’s Now Program and also for Newark Now.  She conducts anger management sessions for at-risk youth at the Juvenile Detention Center on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays.  Dr. Pittman also speaks in front of groups of 50-100 individuals at facilities such as Logan Hall and Delaney Hall.  Dr. Pittman has conducted group sessions in the Newark Public School and Strousberg School District in help youth with anger issues and Effective Decision Making Skills.


Dr. Pittman is also the Founder and CEO of various for profit businesses:

                                     BDP EnterpriZe, LLC

  "You Are a Prize, Love Your Size", Expressing Self-Esteem Conference

                                    September 19-21, 2014

                                Know Anger To Manage, LLC 

  Anger Management Workshops/Domestic Violence/Public Speaking/Business Development/Non-Profit Start-Up

                  Words from the Heart Publishing,  (c) 2001

    Books, Songs, Skits, Plays, Poetry, Articles, Columns, and Plaques

Expect to see Dr. Pittman’s published work soon, her four books entitled:


                             “God the Author of Positive Thinking”

                                   “Delegation in Administration”

                                        “The Line in Your Heart”

                            It’s a Miracle “Every Eye Shall See Him”