Prison Mothers'
Prayer Ministry, Inc.

Services We Offer

Anger Management Services/"KNOW ANGER TO MANAGE, LLC  Email

Behind Closed Doors: We believe there are times in life when counsel behind closed doors is needed:  Each session is to the utmost confidential, enlightening and is conducted by a Licensed Pastor, who has attended 9 years of Christian Education with a Doctorate in Christian Psychology and is also Certified in Anger Management.  She is compassionate to your issue which may not have been addressed during a Sunday Morning Worship Service.                                            

Christian Care Counseling(CCC)/Marital/Family/Individual/Lost Recovery Counseling/Backslider's Bridge

Local Support Groups for Families of Prisoners (PM'PM in {your neighborhood})

PM'PM Magazine, Night Night News      

Publication designed to uplift, encourage and to improve the lives of those affected by incarceration.

NJ Shares/Energy Assistance (Please call True Grant 732-982-8710 first for help, if they can't help you ask for a denial letter to apply for NJ Shares)

NJ American Water Assistance

Verizon New Jersey Communication Lifeline Program (for Seniors)

Notary Public

Send/Receive Faxes/Print/Color/B&W

Expungement Referral Service (call 973-991-4905)