Prison Mothers'
Prayer Ministry, Inc.


MINISTRY MISSION:  To encourage mothers, wives, grandmothers and the loved ones of those who are incarcerated.  To join in prayer for the uplifting, safety and freedom of our imprisoned family and friends. 

PURPOSE:  It is time to enter into God’s R.E.S.T.!

·        Release ourselves from the bondage of guilt, shame, humiliation and embarrassment associated with this trial.   

·        Enter into such a sweet communion with God that we are comforted and free to praise and worship the living God in spite of it all.

·        Strengthen ourselves in the Word and in fellowship with others who understand exactly what we are going through. 

·        Testify to the Glory of God for a Mighty Deliverance.

                                                             GOALS OF THE MINISTRY

Community Re-entry:  We believe when individuals are released from imprisonment, the re-entry process is the community they are to be released to.  We (every prisoner related organization) are to help them get the training and resources they need to ultimately foster them back into the wider society. 


This is achieved when we are able:

          To provide resources for men and women who are coming out of incarceration to eliminate recidivism. 

To secure commitments from companies to hire those who are no longer incarcerated, to assist in their successful transition from community re-entry to the wider society. 

To provide counseling for substance abuse, through referrals to NA and AA, provide anger management training, conflict resolution training and aide in job readiness and other workshops to aid in their development.  

To give voice to inmates, the released, their loved ones, officers, psychologists, victims, prosecutors, attorneys and judges,. Showing how we are all affected by crime through PM’PM’s Magazine, “Night Night News”.

Also PM’PM would like to provide counseling for the siblings of inmates, by resolving the impact of their absent sibling from their lives.